I think I want to attempt discussing the topic of free will.
Curious if I’ve gotten any better at explaining it.

Free will is proportional to the level of awareness that we have.

The more aware someone is, the more free will they have.
In an absolute state of awareness, you have absolute free will.
In a state of non-awareness, you have very little/no free will.

Awareness is what allows us to be fully present within ourselves, within our lives and within our relationships and connections with the world. By fully present, I mean genuinely present - as all that we are, on all levels of our being. Awareness is after all our ability to hold a full connection to ourselves and to the world. Nothing is left out, nothing is hidden, nothing is disconnected within - we know who we are, and we know what the world around is also.

When you truly know yourself, and you know the creation/reality you are in, you become very present in the moment - very awake, very alive, very embodied, very conscious- what we would call enlightened in a sense, or illuminated. Awareness is like a flashlight that you shine upon yourself and the world - in a full light, you can see everything, nothing stays hidden - all is revealed, all is within reach.

In a state of full awareness, as you go through life, you are fully present within yourself each moment, fully paying attention- you know who you are, you know what you want, you know where you’re going, you know what you are feeling within, you know the truth of your own journey, and you know how it fits within the grand journey also, you can feel and perceive how things work around you - you are basically very grounded in each moment, in each step - your attention is fully there, while at the same time internally you have access to all the information that you need.

This puts you in a place of immense power - as you walk through life - you are genuinely interacting in each moment with it - you are present with life every step of the way, you are standing on your own feet, anchoring yourself in it. You are not just watching life, as an observer, but actually living it, fully, in all of its intensity, and within the full intensity of who you are.

Life doesn’t move you - you take your own steps, and you move yourself through it, each moment, out of your own awareness and will. This is what gives us the ability to create and interact with life, the ability to bend things, to think and decide for ourselves, to create change, to switch journeys, to create impact. Awareness turns you into an anchor - it gives you weight, it makes you heavy, and life in a sense slows down where you are, it’s pulled in, and you have the ability to take it into any direction you’d like from there on, as you choose to move yourself.

This gives you absolute free will.
This gives you the ability to really change things.
What’s fascinating about this though is that while you have absolute free will, in a way, it appears and feels as if you have no free will - meaning that you are so aware of yourself, of who you are, of what you want your journey to be, so aware of your place in the world, so grounded, that you don’t even have to really ever decide anything - you just know what to do, where to go - that inner pull of awareness guides you all the way, because you just know who you are.

You could choose to do anything, go in any direction, you have the full power to do so, and yet, you will only ever choose to stay most true to yourself - to follow who you really are - each moment you will know just what to do. Out of infinite choices, you know exactly which one is yours. That’s the irony about absolute free will, from an absolute state of inner awareness - it fully exists, but is completely unnecessary. We don’t use it.

I remember worlds where we had such self awareness, where we were so connected to ourselves - so completely connected to the truth at the core of our beings - so powerful in our ability to decide our journeys, so powerful in our ability to create with life - and yet it wasn’t even a concept to go against that truth, to randomly change journeys, or do anything other than what naturally just flowed out of us. Everything was a flow, and we each had our own - the flow of authentically being ourselves. And when we did just that, we all flew in such balance with each other - because at the core of our beings we want to grow, to evolve, to love, to enjoy life - and to flow in alignment with that is to flow in full respect of everyone else as well. It was so easy, and it never dawned on us to do anything other than that. Nobody had any interest in suffering, in destruction, in abuse, in going against the truth.

In a sense, free will fully existed, but it was irrelevant, because there was only one flow of life pouring from within. Only one truth to follow.

In our current reality, in a way, we are experiencing for the first time the true meaning of free will, at least in the way we humans define it here - the ability to choose anything, to go anywhere, change our journey as radically as we want at any moment- including fully going against that authentic inner flow, including going against truth, against life. We have the choice to go against ourselves - it exists here. We can really do whatever we want here, all is open, and all is allowed.

Neither one of us carries the level of awareness that would prevent us from going into any other direction than our own. We have traded awareness in exchange for this version of free will. A very different kind of journey - when you are walking in the dark, clueless as to who you are, as to what you want from yourself, from your journey, from life - and your flashlight is malfunctioning or very dim, and you can barely see anything within or outside of yourself. It’s so easy to go on a journey that was never yours to begin with. Or let alone, how easy it is to disrupt the journey of another - even when they themselves are actually walking in truth and awareness of who they are.

Awareness creates harmony, flow.
It creates the freedom to be ourselves.

Lack of self awareness, or lack of care for awareness can quickly create chaos, disorder, messy flows. It creates the freedom to be anything we want to be - including anything other than ourselves.

Of course, there will be many souls curious to experience this, to experience what it’s like to be anything other than your own self - even the complete opposite of who you are. Curious to experience a state of very little or even no self awareness at all. But the thing about having very little or no self awareness, and this is where it becomes ironic again, is that you have the free will to be anything, and yet, because you are not present within yourself, not grounded into the moment, you are not even there at all to make decisions for yourself. Any choice you might make won’t even come from you, because you yourself are not even there, it will come from any of the aspects within you that aren’t you. A lack of self awareness takes away your free will altogether - and all you can do is float in a sea of uncertainty, pushed by whichever awareness you do hold within (not your own, but taken from others, in the absence of your own).

A lack of self awareness basically throws your natural free will completely out the window, and replaces it with a disconnected, impersonal, random, often instinctual form of free will - you just do things without knowing why you’re doing them, without putting your own personal weight, your inner depth, your truth into it. When you withdraw yourself from the equation, anything could happen, and mostly we operate on programs we pick up from others - so we let our lives be dictated by anyone else who can figure out how to do so - what a power to give to someone, to dictate our choices.

People in this reality are all over the spectrum when it comes to awareness and free will - some are very aware and hold a great deal of free will of their own, some are very unaware and hold very little free will of their own and so many are somewhere in the middle, holding some awareness and free will, but also often holding very little awareness and very little free will. It’s a matter of choosing in which direction of the spectrum we want to go - chaos or order, true free will or no free will, being ourselves or not being ourselves, awareness or non awareness.

I think I’m getting better at translating all of this, at least I hope I am - for me such an incredibly profound and important topic.