are you stuck in an information k hole?


do you read about the same things every day?


are certain parts of your identity outwardly defined by hot button topics?

are you constantly pre-occupied with the same things without any apparent respite? 


then you may be stuck in an information k hole.


you’re flying IN-FORMATION with the other geese.

you’re chosing where to put your focus.

often as the result of being trained to do so.

by people that aren’t you..


if thats not a problem, do nothing.


if this writing bothers you, that may be your subconscious thrashing about trying to find a way to be offended.  newsflash- the way you think is the problem.  you need to train yourself out of being a follower..looking for external guidance ( ironic that you’re reading this): but im not offering you guidance, you found this yourself.. and drew yourself to read it and ponder these words..


..and focus and hone your internal guidance system..

ditch external guidance and behavior programs.. takes practice, but it’s really not as hard as you think,

and becomes easier the more you do so.



the path begins today.  now.  go try to have a unique thought...... no matter how silly..