Sometimes I write something going into it knowing what I am trying to say inside, and then what comes out sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook and does not quite encapsulate the idea at all, and veers far, far away from what it is that I was trying to say; And while it may be fun to read, it's not as powerful as otherwise could be. This is mostly due to the fact that when I write for myself, my head is in a nebulous state; But when people ask me questions, the result is much more narrowly focused. This ends up being something that ends up looking like an outline for an article about a topic, or what would amount to pretty decent footnotes or "kernels" for later expansion on varying tenets and topics within a particular thought discipline.

I am going to try something new, based on an observation I had last night, where I was describing some views on life and philosophy and will share those as a new article, giving as little context as possible to what prompted the questions, and perhaps it will be interesting, perhaps it will sound ludicrous, But I think it's worth a try, and to see what the response is- And if there is a response, then that is fantastic or just to get it written down and look at it later, and you may feel free to read this and join in with the process of looking, for what that's worth to you. Without adieu, I'll continue authoring this document now that the background is introduced.

On the topic of the method and expected influence of abstract art on the viewer:

There is but small utility in seeking outside oneself except for to trigger the initial remembering process, but after the initial fire is lit you can do the entire thing yourself without reading anything... DNA is an omni-fluid template, it's infinitely malleable. Our DNA is as malleable as the will of the creator (which may as well be a metaphor or an allegory, the being;) And the confluence of its environment... A solid understanding of the nature of oneself is perhaps the most useful thing you can have and the spark to begin can be gleaned externally from a few really good books or artwork, but most people are not looking in the right types of places.

Well, so what is my big mission? In regards to how I hope to help others is a simple one in theory being that I am trying to execute this to the best of my ever changing understanding of self and the world around me is as follows: I am working to re-foster human relationships and morality and co-dynamic cooperation and the inter-operation of the self and the external from all angles I can think of.. From the outside in but really from the inside out. As funny and archetypical and trite that may sound, I feel that is where my greatest contribution to people outside myself lies. As in, the "what," that I'm here to do my best at contributing something to, in hopes that it will be solved in part, or at least that I will be able to make a mark in furthering the process along for someone, or others in some degree.. In this go around on the cosmic merry go round.

As far as morality goes, life is a collaborative multi-player game- and I am busily building tools for the future and some tools for the present, because I don't like where things have gone or where they're going, and I'm unwilling to give up my vision for a world where people are not afraid of each other; Where people can get along by working both together and independently- Learning to do things without needing copious sums of money and defining their worth by what they have.

I know full well you cannot make a horse drink water, but I'm going to do my best to shape the behaviors that lead to a fuller understanding of self to assist in generating a baseline of self actualization where the person realizes they are in fact the horse, and they have had all the tools buried inside themselves, the entire time, to cultivate that awareness of self so that they may connect with and nurture their true nature, and ultimately with the end goal of them being able to be of more solid use to themselves and others. All doing this in an honest, wholly-integral stepwise way that will lead to them realizing the water has been there the entire time, and that they have always been full.

As far as what death is and how that goes, I cannot say for certain, but my take on it is quite simple, and that is mortality is a relative thing, but it is such that when the body stops, that is when the will of the soul stops animating it. Morality on the other hand, is the assay or a measure of how one cares for their life and the lives of others.

As far as the general nature of morality, I think it has the possibility to be infinitely moldable by external circumstances, but the kernels and parameters are set to "fundamentally good" by default at birth, and this is very often changed by the external experiences, and skewed - often to the point of being unable to remember it. That said, a strong will does not give up its original nature, which is kind, loving, caring, and nurturing to other organisms, beings animals and people.. But given the aforementioned process of years of external influence to the contrary, the path back to this state of functionality and peace may be one of great introspection, and tumult. The thing stated by some religious doctrines of the past several hundred years therein that man is fundamentally wicked - I feel is a lie. Such that, man is taught to be wicked by external specific forces that reinforce animalistic primal fears deep in the DNA, and through the process of triggering them over and over they will eventually manifest outwardly from the corruption of ones innermost sanctum of being. This is what the path to wickedness in outline form appears as, just the same as one can foster becoming good, or strengthen their net effectiveness of being and doing good, you can strengthen the resolve of a being to be evil, by repetition, wearing away their resolve and self confidence to feel secure and safe. If you are already good- conversely you just become better at it, more effective, the more you practice it. If you are bad and trying to become good you have to work at being good.

If your experience of life is that people are mostly wicked, this would be really, really hard to understand, as the nurture you received was never able to be flipped on fully having this world be fundamentally good would feel like an entirely foreign concept to you as if some kind of fantasy, or delusion even.

To be happy with oneself is of the utmost importance, and trust of self goes hand in hand with mutual respect for other life forms. Because without trust of self one cannot mutually respect others or the self, this trust of self is the basis of and measure of ones willingness and ability to extend trust to others in an authentic and integral fashion.

Finally, without mutual respect there cannot be emotional-intimacy between a being and others or a being and animals, plants, or anything else living. This includes the way one conducts themselves within their environment, devoid of any interaction with other things that have the presence of being and are animated by a soul.

Anyway, no idea how this will go off as being comprehensible and useful, and I don't have comments enabled on this blog, intentionally so, but if you read this and find it interesting or useful, perhaps the format of edited responses to specific questions asked of me forming an article can be explored more in depth by doing it again, in the hopes that it will trigger something, as perhaps you have had the same question and this helped to answer it in part or full, which in turn ends up becoming something you can relate back to yourself in recalling your experiential pathwork, or to muse upon as you move forward- perhaps later becoming knowledge and ultimately wisdom with the ability to discern when it's relevant and when it's not to apply it.