Through capitolism, competitive nature, a desire to stay connected, and overstimulation due to varying degrees in and of perception and human evolution and communication prowess, we as a global species have accidentally created a situation for ourselves where we are now facing a collectivist existential crisis in real time, life and connection are at an all time valued low point, primarily delimited and shaped by fiduciary means, or perception of opinion.  We are archiving the entire event, from the mundane to the over arching meta-taxonomical phylogeny of the disaspora, instead of using the tools mostly to create that which we wish to see, we are blinded in epistimological and ontological approach by engrained cultural and socio-economic assumptions, going further and further down the proverbial rabbit hole of definition and separation based on assumed and learned biases and guiding one another down a blind alley where emotional development, care and concern for others and knowledge of self are in desperate lack or very nearly gone, practical skills for survival are dramatically in decline, many teenagers don't even know how to cook a meal, and common kindness has become a nearly novel concept.

How do we un-do this, without having to take fifty steps backwards, and utilize what we have built, in new ways, to remain in control of our collective destiny as a species? How do we take twenty steps backwards to a suitable and unilaterally ecumenable baseline extant to ensure the longevity and quality of the human fabric, and therein, we do not self exterminate our home? 

Without excluding anyone based on fiscal merit or perceptive fabric alone, how do we grapple and synthesize emergent systems against the old ones, accounting a sensible and functional safe harbor for what works, making room for what could be and envision what needs to be, without defaulting back to the artifice of capitalism or a more primitive dog eat dog, without everything deconstructing and exploding, at a micro and macro broad strokes level- of both environmental stewardship and socio cultural accountability?

These are thoughts on my mind today and this morning... and i am beginning to flesh out my thoughts in writing, in hopes that if only for myself, to begin, i am able to synthesize the discordant melange of experiential and otherwise tangled intercorrelated webs of data floating about my cereberal noodles.

hope you're having a good afternoon, morning or evening...   :^)