false is only a comparison to what others consider true. your compass is the only one that matters. compare not yourself to others, or to ideas you've internalized and allow yourself to flow as freely as the air, the water, and the change in the temperature of the season.  from shadow to light and light to shadow, you will see all that you need, as you move through the landscape of your life.  forgetfulness is only a measure of being relaxed, to know everything relentlessly is to be absorbed by fear of missing something, what else could drive such a process?  survival is a natural thing, that does not warrant fighting, we're wired for survival, automatically.  rejection is an externalized value system someone else is allowing themselves to be piloted by, rooted in fear.  everything has value, and warrant, in its proper place and sequence, and that too, is variable- meaning is assigned by the preception of the observers, and can change like the light cast by the sun or the moon.   there are no monsters, only those you make up in your minds eye and fuel emotional CREATE-IVE (locomotive) electrical energy into.  This christmas, relax.  It's already okay, you just aren't allowing yourself to see it yet.