so before I get much further here, its imperative to note this isnt a complete article..but a condensed skeleton that needs to be further unpacked and be of any utility for most people.   It relates directly to the previous post Here.

So to continue, here is the outline, until I get around to making this out into a longer form , fully fledged and articulated document...

On The Topic Of Total Deprogramming, the simple solution- 

 Ok so let us get right down to it shall we? thats just. Well. A real fancy way of alluding to the nonlocal multidimmensional nature of the spirit, which is falsely called your personality your whole indoctrination process. The indoctrination process is complete , you graduate to being manipulated when you pick a personality for yourself. You are infinitely non definable by your true nature.
This is extremely not understood by 99% easily of the world population.. Its really, really misunderstood/interpreted.
To help out greatly redefine it as
A person doesnt actually have alters. or multiple personalities..
they are - multiple personalities..
as in,
They have different ways they can self express.
.........thats it.
thats the big secret to that.
The whole mk thing the whole ti, trauma alter thing, etc ALL of this is...
...100% mis-labelled.
..they are experiential programs, or internalized learned external projections.
And THAT. is the basis of the big psyop. and all other psyops,
social engineerings,
ad infinitum..
The ego is currently so fragile and amnesiatic, most of you are trying to learn astrophysics, memorize all the details of everything,
and I was right there with you,
in that sickness..
until this got this one small thing above, figured this out.
The ego is programmed to cling to all manner of internalized projections, because its multi-dimensional nature has been,
supressed essentially since birth,
early speech,
And shaped by absorbing externalized patterns, due to this amnesiatic lack of understanding, that the mind is whatever it need be,
at any given moment, it need not choose a definitive position, ..or mode of being...

The people/beings/force de jour/whatever/names dont matter etc ,
Manipulate this vulnerability, in ..human -nature-
To attempt to achieve different states of expression en masse and on an individuated basis, via the imprinting of repetitive, specific experiential patterns.
And to remove oneself from the influence of all programming,
The spirit/being must make the effort to remove themselves from detail and influence. ...and
One has to be aware of HOW, they feel thinking a certain way.
At the beginning ...
to leave this trance of amnesia.

Some hints:
Did it come truly from me as authentic desired expression,
Or ... did I learn it? How do i know this?  Why do i know this? 

From where did it come?

After a while you will automatically ignore everything, Basically.
this means your ego has healed,
and your multidimensional nature,
is back on..
and you will notice you could care less about things, but you still can see them happening.
it doesnt make you an asshole,
it means you've healed,
the externalized reaction projection scenario.
Any expression of love that does no harm to you or others, is love.
Everything else... that feels bad or taxing, is a reaction ,
....either to a program you internalized,
or to someone elses internalized program,
they are mindlessly projecting into your experience.
you see even people projecting negative experiences onto others, are doing so automatically,
borne of this amnesiatic ego identity manipulation,
it has become their identity in whole or part to act this way.
And.... thats the big secret. .........its that straight forward.
Love in all actions.
When you remember your nature, you will be incapable of harm. be continued..