its all so simple. ?

but yet it is not.

im going out on a limb here but this is kinda where my minds been lately.  i’ll try.



there is no spoon.

we want to perpetuate that there is an enemy because we were trained to.

because they trained us to look.  its everywhere from boyscout motto to learning to balance your checkbook to speed limits. 

or make sure the covers are over your body at night because some limits actually feel good.  which, is another part to this complex thing called life, 

that im not even going to touch on here, because illustrating both dualisms at once i feel ( pushes MY limits) for being able to faithfully explain both polarities of the thing we call choice, or creation, or manifestation, or reality.. but i am not afraid to explain it, i just feel emotionally the mind can at this segue in time adsorb one pole or the other expediently, and the contrast is more easily understood by the subconscious or unified mind..  as most peoples supraconscious is incredibly fractured and segmented..  




back to our point..

always scarcity, always rules.


so we keep looking for it,

and even when it is not there,

and when its truly not there in visual reminder,

“this is too good to be true!”


and so in our mind we look again,

until we find it,

and recreate it..

(by looking for it, 

and thus it appears)

like a 6 yr old trying to test gravity with an umbrella.


because at our deepest,

knowing boundaries IS comfortable,

and it IS part of understanding life in a body. 

it bears the security that we know we are in this body,

that we can reach so far,

jump so high,



so the crux isnt that there are limits,

because we have them inherently in physicality.


it isnt that we cant see those telling us what to do, and externalizing their expectations on us,

( well it is up to a point in ones interpersonal development),


but at a certain point we realize we can act in accord with our desires as long as we are doing no harm to others.  

and thats a limit too.

but we realize all the artificial ones put in place by society,

are mostly safe to ignore or alter somewhat.


but therein is the paradox-

they aren’t really an enemy either,

they are just really good at using limits to alter and shape the course of human history...


if we dont like that,

we have been going about our retort entirely the wrong way.


they’re not going to stop,

but if they are made to understand that enough people figure out they are allowed to alter their realities,

they either have to listen and alter their approach to take in the new data, and bring harmony and balance to their system, or face conflict and discordance.   the irony here is by people altering their individuated realities en masse, it pushes THE LIMITS of the system, and the EMOTIONAL limits of the governance.


the solution is not being either the solution , or the precipitate, 

and being in balance and equilibrium at all times.  but this is incredibly difficult to achieve , because living around other people.. brings all this entropy..  from the above mentioned variables, and from future creation..  


but yet another truth we have observed over time is rules dont scale broadly because people are all so unique and different.. and also that the minds of the governed devise programs to push out to standardize archetypal ways of  being to make their presupposed role easier and somewhat can be a punk or a skin, a democrat or a liberal, you can have this type of personality or that one..


its actually pretty hilarious at the end of the day.


government presupposes an impossible job of human collective entropy management, and at the end of each day we wonder why THEY are so cranky!? Their job description is literally impossible.  


so its all about limits..


and by making them up and asking someone else to do that imagining of our reality for us and then hand back the script, we keep recreating our enemy in different forms.


ad infinitum..