a few thoughts on the various isms..


so i was listening to an interview this morning..

by the storyteller researcher michael tsarion.. 

who has made some really great videos in the past..


gotta say it loudly- 


tsarion, you lost me respect at islamocommunism.


anyone thats using a religion

and reusing the unseen monster,

lurking in the closet “device”


is just another fear mongering idiot.

doing so with definitive reason

stuck in old hat ideologues,

and psycho pathologies.


hes got some good points,

but listen long enough,

someone will make their allegiance to a particular agenda clear enough.


lets simplify all this a bit..


bad people choose to be bad,

some people act badly but dont know better,

but that doesnt make all communists islamic,

or islamic communism any worse or better thsn regular communism.



lets go a step further..


about all all these “isms” ...

they are all-

externalized programatic paradigms of idealisms heirarchically organized taxonomies of napoleonic positive law exclusionary rule sets of exclusion and classification,


they pander to capture the emotions and regional geographic predominant top down narrative push de jour of the time and place, and aim to reinforce these efforts to program psycho social opinion en masse, transparently..


( this is not a complete article yet .)