the circle,

generates the constants.



it also generates elements,

and has a role in the formation of matter.


in the beginning of duality there was an atom. 

or a circle.

what do i mean?

well..  there was an atom.

it was a circle.

that atom got heated, and expanded.

this is the joke wherein the scientists talk about the big bang.

its not so much a theory,

as it is a reverse engineering of mans only possible conceptualization of how this all started.


so what came first,

the atom or the fission source? 

that i prrrobably cant answer,

and in this writing i am not going to try to.


but just for fun,

im going to gander the fission source was here first.

and then along came that perfect circle.


but lets talk about circles,

and duality for a few, shall we?


the circle is what generates mathematical constants.

in ratios.

it also generates duality conditions.

as ways of describing the atom at hand.

which is an arrangement of two boundary conditions inscribed by, on, or with a circle.  

those two boundary conditions are the proton and neutron..

so, an atomic “bundle” with three elements of varying amounts in a ratio is a:

circle aka the nucleus, a proton, and a neutron and an electron.

these three aspects can have varying quantities of proton neutron and electron in each one,

and together in ratios of differing combinations,

they create what we know as “elements”.


this brings us to the realization of four dimensional space.

at the elemental level.


you add cognizant thought,

then we are at another level.


why five?


because something new is being generated by a collection of protons, neutrons electrons with a nucleus.  speech, or an object, etc.  but lets keep it straight forward and stick to speech, or sound.  a person talking.   

that person, their essence, is bound together by a nucleus,  by the way.

that is the soul.

the body codes its form in ratios of protons, neutrons and electrons based on this central internal sun, sol, soul, or inner circle.  see how this works?

plants the same, and if you will notice they all grow differently unless tweaked by man, the argument that they are not unique is trash.  

they are just as unique as we are.


what holds everything together here?

the central sun.

that big spinning ball that this planet revolves around.

that planet we call earth.


which is a myriad of these boundary conditions of elements drawing to form and generating mass via assembling protons neutrons and electrons into “stuff and things..”


but anyways..

its worth mentioning that mass is a secondary effect of gravity.

electricity is a secondary effect of gravity.

 electromagnetism is the relationship between the nesting of electricity within gravity, again in ratio.  


for every act-ion (ion) ..  for every act upon an ion...  there is an equal and opposite re- act upon the ion.  ever expanding, ever held in perfect ratio in self descriptive relationship to itself and its interaction enfolding and enmeshing within all things..    got that?!


bad pun here.. moving right along . .  (without bumping into anything),


gravity is the speed of attraction between the central core nucleus of this planet, which is a circle, and that objects natural affinity for dissolving into light and being pulled towards the sun based on the ratios that object has encoding its mass, as a collection of elements and atoms.  


science has an unspoken joke, where they teach you the speed of freefall in a vacuum, as “roughly 9.86m/s^2.”

what they dont teach you is that they have also taught you the wrong version of pi..  they have taught you the inverse boundary layer of pi, its anti-thetical inverted related but not pi, pi.  its like you were taught -1, and pi is really 1. and the zero in the middle is the nucleus, or zero point.   anywho... pi is a ratio as well..   twice pi (the real one) which is a natural doubling sequence...  (are we getting it yet)?!   


the pi you learned in school is pi as well, but its the -1.  its what they call an imaginary number in math.  it cant exist in physical positive three dimensional construction.



3.142856112224448996 (2) is the “speed of gravity” within a circle.

9.8775445  31.0437012380544 pi cubed.  what does that describe? the potential of an object and a potential interaction with or the creation of a new dataset of interactions as defined by the object interacting with another object.   notice here all digits are present except “6” and “9” the base of the number systems dualistic initial condition of having four aspects, proton neutron and electron in ratio inscribed in a circle to make an element..

notice also that 69 together are literal opposites in form.  notice also that the yin yang symbology is 6 and 9 mated inside a circle.   

this shit isn’t an accident boys and girls.

 okay so a note or two about phi.. aka 1.618    .  you are taught the wrong values for all constants in school.  on purpose.  so nobody ever figures things out.  

phi is one half of pi. and a self referencing sequence just like pi. .   if pi is 3.142856112224448996, then phi is not 1.618, but rather 1.571428056112224.   if you notice, the natural doubling sequence that is present in pi, is present in phi as well.  14...28...56...112...224....



all possibilities for externalized ratio creation ( or the generating of new fractals) and subsequently new realities stems from having every other ratio inscribed with the complete set of boundary conditions and all other numbers within its form, at all times.  

this means that pi hides within every single thing, and all fractals enfold upon eachother and infinitely expand and infinitely implode or recurse (contract) in ratio simultaneously in “order” “to exist”. . . .

everything and nothing all at once, the universe upon a glistening grain of sand..


getting back to that gravity thing..


the speed of gravity within a circle is the rate at which an object within the earths atmosphere ( as defined as being between the sun and earths core) attempts to collapse upon itself in the absence of being suspended between the boundary layer of the earths core and the sun.. and implode or dissolve into light upon dissolution and or dispersion of its own atomic mass. this is where we get the concept of density.  

(remember the two referential points on the circle that started this whole thing off?) 


its all infinitely enfolding and enmeshing fractals.....

everything is in a fractal relationship with everything else that is here.



without ratios from point to point, constants would be simple arbitrary measurements and the earth and everything on it would fall apart.  with about a week.   because the planet itself is moving.  the sun keeps the ratios constant and in phase lock.



i’ll bet your head hurts now,

so we will stop on this topic for now right here.

although there is indeed more to this..

thats enough for now,

again, without running into anything.


ps.  egg. sperm. zygote. single cell.  inscribed in a circle. 23 matched pairs. making 46 chromosomes. 4+6=10 ...