here are some thoughts on targeting..  the TI phenomenon.. and health in general.

they are directly correlated, but probably not how you would expect.. read on


oh and before you say oh but what about the matrix!?

Okay, okay.. we’ll discuss that another time, 

but that’s also not what you think,

and this isn’t the article for that..


onward, shall we?  keep reading...


so about this whole targeting thing..

...pretend it doesnt exist.  because it doesn’t.  at least not for you.   there are a few people out of every hundred thousand or so that were involved in crazy govt experiments, but the odds are REALLY GOOD this was not you.  oh and please and stop smoking weed.  and drinking,  and eating shit food.   if you’re smoking weed for anxiety or pain, those are issues you need to work on.  unless its acute, and then it still should not be a lifetime go to.   there re ways to fix just about everything, if you are willing to do the work and the digging to figure out why it is happening to you.   too many people use marijuana as a bandaid.   it saved my life at one point, but then it became a giant bandaid i couldn’t live without, or so i thought.   until i figured outnwhat the root issues were and slowly started remedying them one by one.,  but thats my opinion.  this is my blog.  keep reading if you like, or don’t.  that is up to you..


anyway, all the drugs and stuff like that, they are all heavily genetically engineered with parasympathetic frequency ananogues that make the thing which makes you think you’re being targeted super prevalent.  the targeting frequencies interact with the biologic footprint of the substances, and the result is this interaction causes you to believe you are falling victim to what it feels like to be slowly microwaved, but in your reading , your so called “research” this is what you’re actually experiencing... this being microwaved..  


anyway,  all this shit from drugs and food and bad water and personal care products and pharma drugs builds up in your body and you bathe in cellphone and wifi signals if you live around other people...which are all microwave signals, by the way...seeing it yet?  the metals and compounds in these foods and substances you are eating and smoking namely cannabis and alcohol and factory cigarettes are amplified and used as targeted waveguides for the wearing down of your body and mind.. super easy.. opt out...  if you enjoy tobacco visit leaf only and buy from them, roll your own.  i dont work for them or get any kickback, but they are where its at for pesticide and crap free tobacco.  the metals and so on that cannabis sequesters alone would make your head spin..,  this is why hemp and cannabis are used so effectively for bio remediation of soil.. better than mushrooms by a long shot.


anyway, i know this is complex.. keep reading, you’re doing good.


your emotional and primal  investment in security is being used as your downfall.  you are constantly marketed all manner of stupid bullshit to keep you healthy, but in actuality most of it is designed to kill you.  you eat all these supplements with bullshit preservatives and nano processing agents.. especially nano.  the body cannot get rid of nano anything,  its too small.  that stuff builds up in your body and slowly cooks you stupid.  if you begin to abstain and clean up your act you will cross a threshold where youre more powerful and they cant touch you.   


im no longer affected.. thats the baseline for what i had to do to get out of it.    how do i know im right?  enough watching patterns on a macro scale then testing my theories on myself for the last twenty years....


oh and sugar. fuck that shit. its a heavily imprinted molecular waveguide for scalar frequency manipulation. 


important to mention here some linguistic misnomers too..

you are not a targeted individual.  yes youre special and unique,  but nobodys after you.   


heres why:    a waveguide is a shaping method for a “target frequency” = a discreet frequency ie a set of or specific frequency. to be guided along to a point of recieving or a transmitter..    


being a targeted individual in the sense that you are told and has lately been popularized in fringe and truther literature is a gross ;


misunderstanding and bastardized co-opting of the words involved..

its part of an intellectual psy-op designed to drive all sorts of secondary, tertiary and quaternary agendas..


targeted individual means a frequency susceptable individual.     

not, i’m pretty cool and read strange things about the government on the internet late at night, so they must be after me.

doesn’t work like that.  


the ego makes the mistake of corrolary causation:   “ because im special n love myself, and this stuff exists, and i read things that are on the fringe of understanding and are not commonly discussed, amd it feels dangerous, and i feel the symptoms, and they come and go it means IM targeted.“

again, sorry- no.  


its the food you eat and your lifestyle choices. 





it is all a matter of your state of health, how clean u eat, and those other choices like cannabis, alcohol, sugar, AND PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS, AND OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS, and things like shampoos, deoderants, birth control, and anything man made you put in your body or on your body.  they are ALL full of chemicals, and metals, and preservatives, amd other such crap.. which are in full or part programmable waveguides...    


especially illicit street drugs.


ps. if you put on deoderant to mask a body odor,

its because you’re slowly dying.

that’s the smell of your body rotting from the inside out,

coming through your skin and your breath.


catch that and nip it in the bud before it’s too late.