Ahyuasca / Ibogane / psilocibin/ enthogenic tourism et al and its abject commercialization is actually an indicator of a much larger and more complex issue..


I am all FOR plant medicine.  Done responsibly, when it finds YOU withiut fee, or you craft it yourself, with sacred intent, reverence and within a non-ecologically destructive paradigm.  


The appropriation of ceremony while troublesome and extremely destructive to local tribes, is just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger issue.   It goes further than an isolated series of causally located events or circumstances, or attempting to ruin the sanctity and practice of indigenous medicine..


In my opinion this is a part of what seems to be a continual mass destruction of sociocultural cohesivity and terraforming of entire catalogues of plant medicine, to force these plants to be first thrust into the public eye, and then force regulation based on them being “dangerous” once enough people experience these things incorrectly, harmed or slighted.  it feeds the astral parasites, but i digress..  its also a dillution of sacred and functional medicine, and therein the intrinsic culture relative to it globally, region to region, and a blanket homogenization of liberty to way of life and birth-right-- in these areas of the world.   these places are some of the most resolute and steadfast and still true-to-origin locales left in our world today. This trend is not only a threat to their local traditions, customs and way of life; but...


we have not even touched on the whole purity and preparation issue.. 

long story short, you are not getting what you think you are.

or the results you were promised.

because these so called shaman hacks dont give a flying fuck about you.


here is a shorter version of the above:

The larger agenda at hand is nothing short of a continuous cycle of forcibly terraforming unspoiled culture and ecosystems using commerce, globalization and mass marketing psychological propaganda as the chosen vehicles of change and destruction.   


Food for thought--- How many people do you know that were talking about ahyuasca before Graham Hancock gave his ''banned'' (marketing).. ted talk?  How many less even more-so outside of the new age spiritualist psy-op?  


Honor the earth, when she's gone, what will you have left?


I will likely rewrite this later.. 






Today’s youth do not grasp an adequate, or nearly cursory command of the English language.  As such, attempts at communication with them are nuanced with small breakthroughs in comprehension, and enveloped predominantly by the utter voracity of the temperment therein of the addressed; Ironically- it is they who control the speed and cadence of the exchange, as all progress is utterly stalwarted without their entirety of comprehension, lest they feel the ''unintelligible'' words be misappropriated as vitrol; Of which, this preponderance assuredly rapidly devolves the entire process into utter disambiguated chaos.  


- omar