In general, in regards to memory, I feel that perception of external stimulus in human memory storage in part can be shaped by formative experiences, mostly stored non-locally and is electromagnetically transduced per situation, and subsequently the response and delegation pattern the individual is acclimatized to.

It is usually backwards if the event triggers the amygdala in past or present..Therein this is the root causation of MPD/PTSD, a repetitive triggering of what I say here next in this paragraph.  The stimulus is first observed, but response is typically from synaptic nerve motor ganglia rather than an emotional response weighted alongside an intellectual response. However most people have an observation, then a motor response, tightening of muscles, a facial expression, a pain in an organ, rather than a feeling, then inaction and only stillness in pure observation. Not observation of triggers, but observation via the synergy of the senses. ''Observing being hypervigilant to pattern based triggers'' is a symptomology of the problem I will be describing in some depth here in this article. If its traumatic enough, the body reacts first from the place of the muscle/nerve memory, and secondarily if one is not too disassociated in the emotional sense, it will then trigger the emotional sensing feeling and intellectual processing as a secondary event. Versus the correct order wherein sensing feeling direct intuition is as the primary absorptive axis, and engrained feelings that undesirable do not exist, but for most people they do, and thusly are reinforced regardless of the actual outcome from the stimulus event, unless someone has deprogrammed this and reprogrammed themselves insofar as their processing of events and external stimuli.

Things that stick in memory generate a complex neurochemical/synaptic cascade or repetitively both. More or less, period. The ability to recall and reregister state based memory (it all is state based) is supposed to be emotionally encoded by direct intuition, but for most its encoded by external registration of traumas, and a battle between the nerves, the motor cortex, the senses, the limbic and endocrine, the stomach, the adrenal and the brain, as well as the supra and sub conscious minds within the brain. I will go so far as to say the very ideation of a seperate supra and subconscious mind is entirely false, and this helps infact with the perpetuation of the things I will be discussing here. But if you see me referencing them herein, it is so you have a basis of understanding, because that is how we have been programmed to think. Although it is fractured and incorrect, it is all that most people know. So if I deviate too far from that as a baseline device fir the organization and delivery of my message here, it won't be comprehensible as the paradigm is quite unfamiliar territory anyway, and I very much know you will begin to benefit from understanding all of this.

Moving right along...if you are able to recall it and its not there as a physical stimulus, you can retrigger the same neurochemical or emotional cascade sequence and associated biochemistry as the original event. So, if it sticks, assuming one is referencing the ability to recall a more or less ''seemingly permanently engrained or ominpresently conditioned conscious memory,'' it is supraconscious artificially, through the process of traumatic reinforcement. Thus, its registered as being critically important, and it is in your short term memory if it is your first exposure, or if you have been highly sensitized to a particular thoughtform, it can be omnipresent in your awareness.

But how we arrive at storing information and memories this way is really the crux of the issue, in the most important sense. The subconscious mind registers EVERYTHING, however the natural way to learn is automatically immersive, from a combination of how the sensory inputs make us FEEL, and this ends up being the direct intuition, and at a secondary level, by the outcome from interacting with an individual, or animal, or construct or ideation of thoughtform. This secondary is more superficial, but we are trained to make it more important than how we feel about something, someone or some thing, and this creates part of the problem.

However, memory and learning the things we usually end up with, the ''what we get,'' is quite a bit more strange, especially in terms of how its percieved, why it's percieved that way, and in how it is stored and how it got there. Often times phenomena to link memories abstractly via the senses- is indirectly triggered after the experience by smells, tastes, sights etc - that were present at the initial reference point where the thing being ''remembered'' occurred. By the way, a little wordplay for you- to ''re-member'' something is to assemble its body again, re-assemble its members, so that you can re-member it.. What you are doung there is electromagnetically, and electrochemically bringing it forth into your field, and ''thinking and feeling'' about a thing. These thoughts, these ''things'' are both stored in the electrochemical makeup of the body itself- and with the souls template, and are brought back into subatomic form for your body to experience anew. Back to the way we are taught to learn... We are taught to learn first through the muscles and limbic system, and to an extent in the blood as well, especially during the transfiguration of strong extant memories as they move from short term ''memory'' to longterm ''memory.''

Back to that subconscious thing.. As far as things you cant remember, from your individuated experiential memory, your subconscious remembers all of it.. Even if your supraconscious memory has an active awareness of a memory event or does not. The events are recalled as we navigate this world seemingly at random, but the subconscious is typically reminding the supraconscious of some internalized trauma that it wishes would be rectified as they come to our awareness ''our aura is becoming weary'' or worn, by this troublesome thing, that needs and sorted out to a phase neutral state, and moved out of our being. You will comtinue to find the trigger and bring it into your awareness and perceptual field as you move through this three dimensional timespace until you bring yourself charge neutral around that circumstance or event, and then you will no longer run across it.

As a point of note therein - of and in regards to emotional embedding, and embraiding of memory negative and positive have been reversed in the predominant nomeclature of psychological therapeutic literature. Having a positive experience is what we are told we want, but actually a positive experience is explosive.. and destructive.. we are negatively ionic beings based on fractal enfoldment of emotions and in ratios.. The. Waves in the ocean are generating negative ions as they crash, and as they crash they are fractals, enfolding.. braiding with gravity.. and generating charge compression..But not to get too deeply into that, while it is related, it is another topic entirely. So, with the negative embraiding and referential subsequent fractal enfoldment there is within each of us unlimited storage for properly enfolded memories, because it happens in such a mechanism that it all folds into itself neatly, and is transduced electromagnetically on demand, and is thus a fully non destructive mechanism, that requires zero effort. We are built to do so. We are negative ionic based beings biologically and meta 9of possessing qualities thatvare external to the 3-dimensional physical form) (meta-physically. (extra)-physically.

A storage of positive ionic charges is biologically destructive and oxidative, it causes oxidative stress and a total disregulation of our physical mental and emotional and spiritual (soul) frames and the way they inter operate. So.. moving on..

So much deep deep anxiety we experience is caused by the stored positive unresolved charge of something that was deeply troubling the first time around and not resolved by attending to it in the first place when it happened, and correctly storing the proper emotional charge state, and embraiding it with emotions with the sensing feeling and biological electromagnetic driver in the body- the heart.

The hearts job is to magnetize the emotions and ensures everything is negatively charged through the mechanism of carrying this magnetization through our blood, ensuring our body is held in the proper charge state, and proper emotional state of embedding and compressed charge. We often just bury our emotions and are taught to suppress or discsrd or ignore them, because that is what society and to a lesser extent our friends and family or even partners teach us to do. This hurts our hearts. The main vehicles this pattern is influenced by initially and then later in life are by mass media, our education system and the style of learning we are put into from a young age- and later at jobs. A program of systematic repetitive ''rote'' method of repetitive learning, starting from a young age, in school.... Which gets us used to the concept appearing again later in the workplace... but this process, buries and embeds an incorrect charge.. and eventually this has bad consequences, which are detrimental to our health, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and on a soul level.

We are subject to a ruthless jamming of the five senses, by our teachers- first in school.. then later in life by our external role models.. our friends, partners, bosses... once everyone has more or less internalized the same system, it becomes seamless, transparent, all pervasive and perpetually reinforcing. There are no reasons for gates, as they have been built into your fundamental way you both perciieve and interact with the world you live in.

The senses get overloaded, and just kind of give up.. Rather than utilizing the native learning mechanism which is sensing feeling integeative emotional processing of a directly intuitive sensory input...and regulated by the heart, we end up just going with the incorrect method, since it is so prevalent, and so familiar to us. In most cases it is all We ''know.'' We are taught and forced to to log-jam the senses and the body and acclimatized to this until it becomes fully automatic. Taught to hold onto and memorize things our entire lives that are not even important to us for the duration of our entire lives, and that this is normal... This causes tremendous internal discord.

Just as a quick pount of note, we have 100,000 times more neurons and neural connections in the stomach than we do in our actual brain...This is because when we eat, our stomach is tasked with picking up the negative net ionic charge of our food, and carrying it through the blood for distribution as coded against keeping the system working properly as dictated by the dna..and the heart... This is commonly known as ''digestion.'' When you read information on a screen all day, or you. Watch television or movies all day, or listen to music for large periods of time, you are blocking your ability to emotionally digest anything, because the pathways are saturated. You are ''full.'' But back to your stomach.. thats why you feel full, there is enough food in the stomach that you now have a rush of blood in the stomach that was pumped down into the stomach lining that needs to be recharged with negative ions.. just like thee waves. Coming crashing to the shore, the blood is being drawn to shore, electromagnetically, tonrecharge itself, and pick up food to convert into negative you can generate energy.. to power the system...which is your body.. Youe body does all of this intelligently. So.. back to the un-natural way of school based learning..

We are jammed full in school, then we must regurgitate, for test time. Which is why it causes butterflies in the stomach, the information isnt there! It wasnt deemed as relevant, and you have not connected with it enotionally and deemed it important of longterm storage.. so its floating around in your short term auditory and physical muscle memory from taking notes, and in your visual cortex. It's not in your longterm memory, which is first in the gut, and then fractally compressed and embedded elwctromagnetically and transferred to the soul.

Thats why when you are really passionate about something and it causes absolutely no stress to do it is effortless and zero 'thinking' is required- because you are ''in the zone'' you are accessing it from your soul template electromagnetically in a beautiful harmonious symphony- of using your body in a more true to form sense, if the task is of your own want and desire, than its 100% natural, if there is no external ''bad'' consequence in physical repurcussion from not performing the task (such as not being able to make a car payment.)

But the way we are forced to do things, a chronic overloading of the nerve axiomata because you were told a certain thing was important and so you are doing it (and your ''heart just isn't in it'') as you were told these things were important, but your intuition did not deem them as important, is extremely unnatural and very stressful. The facts that it was never important to you on a intuitive heart level, is of the utmost importance here, as you never connected with the material in an organic naturalistic sensing feeling manner, and end up recieving negative reinforcement through shame, guilt and embarrasment, to your bodys native processing centers- as you force yourself to ''try and learn'' it, usually not registering that you didn't actually want to go through that process or dance with that information, to ''store'' it along the way during your struggles to ''learn'' it..

Thats why we hardly remember anything we learned in school, because it wasn't first important to us, in an emotional intuitive sensing feeling oriented flowing process. Enough of this and it at some point breaks a part off your spirit.. The repetitive process of jamming oneself ''full'' in this manner divorces and robs us from the ability to exist and learn in our natural flow state, which if you are lucky most people only experience in a hobby.

It takes a tremendous amount of focus and deprogramming and self analysis to push past all these engrained pattern based learning mechanisms, that society enforces, school enforce, etc.. to be able to return to your native way of being in flow- in all of your experiences, thoughts, emotions (feelings) and dealings. The reversal of how we are taught to learn fundamentally shuts down our capacity and ability to process lifes' events in a faithful and a natural organic way- true to your bodys intended design.

We are further taught to buy into all this by a perversion of our self image- beginning in school, and later in life by movies, media, magazines, song lyrics, and authority figures.. further skewing the emotional interaction we are capable of holding with our world and within the self. This programming is for men early in life revolves around career, money and winning a mate, getting a good job and a degree, and winning the respect and adoration of your peers. For women it is primarily centered around not understanding the ways of the world, being dumb, and implying that she willl make a poor mother, caretaker and undesirable partner, or even worse never find a mate.

All of this initially superimposes and then internalizes deeply in the subconscious as a buried mechanism by which one can be easily manipulated and controlled, initially a transfer of guilt and shame and fear and scarcity is installed, and then this becomes a self perpetuating internal paradigm, that was initially a series of external thoughts...That once becomes internalized shapes and colors EVERY single thing you do..

Therein, this construct itself foremost is full of very unnatural pre-suppositions behaviorally and emotionally for a human being to experience repetitively, and thus alters our relationship with the world, ourselves and with others on a fundamental level. This is why school is started at so young an age, it is un-natural period.. and this is a huge reason so many people are so deeply programmed and unable to even get into their most basic layers. They are so divorced from themselves they know no other way of being, experiencing, sensing and feeling.

For the purpose of their own healing and reintegrating themselves into generating healthy responses to lifes events, and the subsequent repatterning that is necessary for healing, they have little to no reference point, or place to start from, and it becomes more or less nearly impercievable, this disconnect from the natural self- by which they would be able to effortlessly neutrally percieve this world and the events in it- which includes the way others act, their responses, and their emotions surrounding any particular experience they may have in life.

Most people are stuck in this place of traumatic repetitive cycling, and their own processes are repeating in a stuck loop ad infinitum from a place of incorrect perception, improper emotional hygiene and the lack of self referential perspective to accomplish anything in a natural and organic manner without forcing it by trial, error and the superimposition of learned failure..On a fundamental perceptual level, a biochemical level, and an intuitive emotional sensing feeling heart level, they are trying to do everything backwards. And this all stems from how we are taught to learn, and how we are taught to store and access memories and information..

Defining the acceptable parameters of the questions looking for an answer never leads to discoveries of solutions, usually, just a revolving door, a more immersive approach is often necessary.   There are solutions, but that was not the scope of this article, it would have been too complex to intercede and overlay/interweave both problem and solution together.  One must first understand and ''innerstand'' as the new hippies say- with the problem so they can know it, and only then can one proceed to a more unified version of themselves.  First one must know that which they are dealing with, however its important to mention that the solution almost never comes from the variables that created or perpetuated the problem, but some can be helpful initial markers, its a tendency all too common to ''stew and marinate oneself in the problem endlessly rotating it different ways under different colored lights and lenses-  because to a traumatized mind- this is safe, and feels like they're at least not ignoring themselves.  But the car isn't quite in first gear, and it's sitting on blocks, without tires.  A different approach is necessary for integrative discivery and subsequent healing and renewal of self, and spirit, and in most cases body and nearly all- mind.  


Thank yourself for reading this..


The minute someone thinks they know you ,

has you figured out..


And you accidentally amplify one of their insecurities about something else by simply being, and somehow touch on the subject, directly or indirectly, even non specific to them-

Theyre brought right back to feeling insecure about that other thing.
Even if it has nothing to do with you.

You serve as a temporary waveguide/mirror/reminder/whatever- and they either look at it in themselves or avoid it in a new way until it comes up again for their opportunity to grow from it by coming to peace with it under new clarity.

But the predominant issue lies in the person with the insecurity anthropormorphising that trait onto you in a transferrance/ association,
Because this act is one of avoidance of owning up to processing the uncomfortable subject at hand , and often times the person who was the triggering mechanism gets blamed or now has that quality improperly attributed to them- from the perspective of the person having a hard time.

People do way too much of this.

One important thing to realize,
Is truly-
Most people are peacefully going about their existances,
Doing the best they can,
And not trying to go out of their way to screw with other people.
The ones that do that second thing,
Are best left to their own devices until they learn to play nice with others,
But in general no decision needs to be made-
Most people truly mean well all the time.

The next time something has cone up thats troubling you,
First communicate within yourself and ask whats occurred,
And then ask them about the situation as it unfolded to your memory.

Often you will see the disparity between their intentions and your percueved meaning right away.

Growth happens when you can understand the event objectively for what it is, without needing to compartmentalize it or be negatively affected by it. Not necessarily in that if there is a concrete physical harmful effect, but in allowing yourself to see something for what it is, and impartial to any previous hurt that caysed when it happened in the past. Seeing things as just occurring is wonderful, because really-

Most everybody does not mean you harm.

its all so simple. 🙂

but yet it is not.

im going out on a limb here but this is kinda where my minds been lately.  i’ll try.



there is no spoon.

we want to perpetuate that there is an enemy because we were trained to.

because they trained us to look.  its everywhere from boyscout motto to learning to balance your checkbook to speed limits. 

or make sure the covers are over your body at night because some limits actually feel good.  which, is another part to this complex thing called life, 

that im not even going to touch on here, because illustrating both dualisms at once i feel ( pushes MY limits) for being able to faithfully explain both polarities of the thing we call choice, or creation, or manifestation, or reality.. but i am not afraid to explain it, i just feel emotionally the mind can at this segue in time adsorb one pole or the other expediently, and the contrast is more easily understood by the subconscious or unified mind..  as most peoples supraconscious is incredibly fractured and segmented..  




back to our point..

always scarcity, always rules.


so we keep looking for it,

and even when it is not there,

and when its truly not there in visual reminder,

“this is too good to be true!”


and so in our mind we look again,

until we find it,

and recreate it..

(by looking for it, 

and thus it appears)

like a 6 yr old trying to test gravity with an umbrella.


because at our deepest,

knowing boundaries IS comfortable,

and it IS part of understanding life in a body. 

it bears the security that we know we are in this body,

that we can reach so far,

jump so high,



so the crux isnt that there are limits,

because we have them inherently in physicality.


it isnt that we cant see those telling us what to do, and externalizing their expectations on us,

( well it is up to a point in ones interpersonal development),


but at a certain point we realize we can act in accord with our desires as long as we are doing no harm to others.  

and thats a limit too.

but we realize all the artificial ones put in place by society,

are mostly safe to ignore or alter somewhat.


but therein is the paradox-

they aren’t really an enemy either,

they are just really good at using limits to alter and shape the course of human history...


if we dont like that,

we have been going about our retort entirely the wrong way.


they’re not going to stop,

but if they are made to understand that enough people figure out they are allowed to alter their realities,

they either have to listen and alter their approach to take in the new data, and bring harmony and balance to their system, or face conflict and discordance.   the irony here is by people altering their individuated realities en masse, it pushes THE LIMITS of the system, and the EMOTIONAL limits of the governance.


the solution is not being either the solution , or the precipitate, 

and being in balance and equilibrium at all times.  but this is incredibly difficult to achieve , because living around other people.. brings all this entropy..  from the above mentioned variables, and from future creation..  


but yet another truth we have observed over time is rules dont scale broadly because people are all so unique and different.. and also that the minds of the governed devise programs to push out to standardize archetypal ways of  being to make their presupposed role easier and somewhat can be a punk or a skin, a democrat or a liberal, you can have this type of personality or that one..


its actually pretty hilarious at the end of the day.


government presupposes an impossible job of human collective entropy management, and at the end of each day we wonder why THEY are so cranky!? Their job description is literally impossible.  


so its all about limits..


and by making them up and asking someone else to do that imagining of our reality for us and then hand back the script, we keep recreating our enemy in different forms.


ad infinitum..

a few thoughts on the various isms..


so i was listening to an interview this morning..

by the storyteller researcher michael tsarion.. 

who has made some really great videos in the past..


gotta say it loudly- 


tsarion, you lost me respect at islamocommunism.


anyone thats using a religion

and reusing the unseen monster,

lurking in the closet “device”


is just another fear mongering idiot.

doing so with definitive reason

stuck in old hat ideologues,

and psycho pathologies.


hes got some good points,

but listen long enough,

someone will make their allegiance to a particular agenda clear enough.


lets simplify all this a bit..


bad people choose to be bad,

some people act badly but dont know better,

but that doesnt make all communists islamic,

or islamic communism any worse or better thsn regular communism.



lets go a step further..


about all all these “isms” ...

they are all-

externalized programatic paradigms of idealisms heirarchically organized taxonomies of napoleonic positive law exclusionary rule sets of exclusion and classification,


they pander to capture the emotions and regional geographic predominant top down narrative push de jour of the time and place, and aim to reinforce these efforts to program psycho social opinion en masse, transparently..


( this is not a complete article yet .)