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Why Visualization Doesn’t Always Work Part One

Why Visualization Doesn’t Always Work; part one
Based on the work of Robert Diltz

We’ve all tried it, or at least have heard of the power of positive visualization. “If only you could visualize what you want, you will have it” Right? Well, not always, and most often not. Many people have tried to change their lives and go from not having to having something that they truly desire by envisioning themselves being successful. However, if your “Reality Strategy” in your brain is not set at using the visual sense to determine reality, then visualization will not work. Let me explain:

“Reality strategies” are a series of mental tests that a brain does to determine if something is real or imagined. For the most part, our brains do not know the difference between what really happened and what we make up. This is either good news or not because we can imagine what ever we want and convince the brain that it is real. The same brain cells are used to represent both what really happen and things that are imagined. Because of that, the brain has other strategies to determine “reality”.
If you want to make something real for yourself, you have to make it fit your mental tests that say it is real. For example, some people might hear an internal voice saying that something is real, or they might be more attuned to smell or feeling. In this case visualizing without feeling what success is like or smelling or hearing what it is like will not convince the brain that it is real and that you really have it. We know that the most powerful way to manifest what we want is to already see, hear, feel, taste and smell what it will be like as if we already had it.
NLP decodes and uses people’s preferred method of reality checks to help them uproot limiting beliefs and also re grow new ones that are convincing tailored to the individual.
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Cinthia Dennis
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