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If you are finding yourself stuck in your head and feeling badly about someone or something and you can’t seem to make it stop; then using this NLP technique will surely help calm your mind.

Memories are stored in our brain and can become triggers that set off a chain reaction of associated emotions.  For example, if you think of a certain situation and you always feel upset, then your brain will learn to associate the two things together as well as any other event that might be surrounding it. The more the brain practices this, the more it becomes automated. This happens all under the surface of our awareness, and can wreak havoc on our lives.

Luckily, our brains’ learn very quickly and we can re-teach it to react in a different way.
We will do this with a process called “anchoring”.  We can create “anchors” for certain emotions on purpose and begin to merge two emotional states together creating different associations and change the firing patterns in the brain.

So this is how:

1). Lay back and get into a comfortable position.
2). Begin to think of the negative experience or person in your life.  Let the emotions really be felt in your body and amp them up.  As they are at their height of feeling, grab your right thigh and squeeze., let go after about 3-5 seconds.  Make sure you let go before the emotion begins to wane. Now you have set the first anchor.  When you squeeze the same place with the same amount of pressure, you will automatically feel this negative emotion again.
3). Now, begin to think of an opposite emotion.  Maybe it is joy, love, peace or self -confidence etc.
4). Now search through your memory banks for a time in your life when you felt this positive emotion.  Really step into the experience and feel it in your body. Squeeze your left leg and hold for 3
*( Please note: do not pick a memory that is one of your very favorites because it will become permanently altered.)

5). Now get back into a neutral state by shaking around a bit.
6). Squeeze the right thigh (anchor #1) and hold.  While still holding the negative anchor, squeeze the left thigh (anchor #2).  Hold them at the same time.  Notice how the two states merge together.
7).  You can repeat steps 5 -6 as many times as you like.

You have now permanently linked the two neural nets together.  Just for fun, try thinking about the original negative experience.  You might notice how it has changed.  You might notice how it feels less charged. The negative state is now permanently associated with the positive state and will no longer have the same intensity of emotion. This allows your brain to recode the experience and emotion and be able to let it go.

For more information about Nuero-Linguistic Programming and repatterneing, visit my website at:

Bye for now and stay tuned for more self help NLP!

Cinthia Dennis,
M.A. Human Development
M.A. NLP Practitioner

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A simple way to enjoy white kidney beans:

This is really easy, and tastes great!
(for the spice lover) -

-1 can or pre-rinsed soaked, etc white kidney beans
-crushed red pepper to taste
-ground clove
-olive oil
-small amount of non-iodized salt

Add all together in whatever amount you want to – keeping in mind the largest constituency of ingredients goes to: tumeric, & cumin. Add everything else, turn on the stove and stop when your mixture reaches desired thickness.


We’re using water with a small amount of olive oil as the sauce, because when the tumeric condenses it will create its own.

If you want this spicy, add the crushed red pepper first, it’ll increase in spice level – during cooking the heat elements will be released from the peppers.


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