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How Not To Eat – #1 The Great Pastry Caper.

Goodness knows we’ve all ate things like this in the past. But today is the present, and if given the internal directive to eat things that served your total picture of health, and lead to a most fufilling life,
would you continue to eat things that are contrary to this purpose?

This is Part 1 in a series of things you quite likely should avoid — along your path to optimal health.

Modifying ones diet can be a little scary, or a lot scary, or not scary at all.

Remember though, where there’s a will, you shall find the way..

Your conscious will, to modify eating habits that do not serve your body’s picture of vitality, will be your guide, once you’ve set your intention and focus to seek out only foods that benefit you, and stay on it— you will find this becomes easier each week, day, and decision!

And now, an example and ingredients of a very much, “dead food.” A dead food is one without any benefit to the human body, and at times can even bring distinct, cumulative harm.

“Lord de Pastry,” ‘Nazook.’


Enriched Bleached Special High Gluten Flour -

Enriched Bleached Flour ( Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour) -

Niacin, Iron, -

Thiamine MonoNitrate -

Riboflavin -

Folic Acid -

Sugar -

Butter -

Milk -

Yeast -

Vanillin -

Yellow #5 Food Dye -

I may have just come up with a very useful series to publish for you here….

Who would be interested in a demystification / practical information series on commonly found ingredients which are found in processed foods?? Please leave a comment if you’d be served by this!

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