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Tasty Summer Stew #2 !

Summer Stew #2 ::

Hi, thanks for stopping by today!
I have a recipe to share with you today to make a tasty and filling summer stew, which requires about two hours of preparation and cook time, depending on how fast you chopped and dice!

You will need the following ingredients::

green snap peas
wild black rice
organic brown rice
yellow or red onion
ground cloves
cracked black pepper
cayanne red pepper
unrefined sea salt

chop, cube, slice, dice, add water, cook slowly making sure not to boil over onto stove. Bon Appetit!

see the finished stew at my Youtube! page- :-]

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Omar’s (quite healthy) Vegan Stew #1

Omar’s Vegan Stew:

main ingredients:

-four types of lentils: (red, green, yellow, brown)
-wild black rice
-brown rice
-tomato sauce
-cubed turnips
-chopped celery
-green bell pepper
-minced garlic
-chopped onion
-carrot slices
-potato slices or cubes

spices and such:
-olive oil
-sea salt,
-ground cloves
-spanish saffron
-cracked black pepper
-white pepper
-crushed red pepper

Add olive oil, lentils, rice, and minced garlic to a big pot.  Turn on heat and get everything in there covered in olive oil.

Let that go until it’s about to burn, and add water, and tomato sauce.  Add the chopped veggies (this should be done before starting.) Add water, and tomato sauce to taste, this should be covering the mixture by a few inches.  Stirr occasionally, and begin to add the plethora of spices.  Add as much or as little as you want of everything, I don’t cook to a specific recipe, so your mileage and the final taste, will vary.

The ingredients with the least amount are as follows in no specific order: Sage, Allspice, Cinnamon, Ground Cloves, Oregano, and Saffron.  Everything else, is in a greater amount, those are “pinches,” “small amounts.” or however you prefer to put it.  Don’t overdo those, you’ll be sorry to have a whole pot of stew taste like Oregano! (for example.)

Heat, stir, and ponder the final flavor!  This took me about 2 1/2 hours from start to finish.

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How Not To Eat – #1 The Great Pastry Caper.

Goodness knows we’ve all ate things like this in the past. But today is the present, and if given the internal directive to eat things that served your total picture of health, and lead to a most fufilling life,
would you continue to eat things that are contrary to this purpose?

This is Part 1 in a series of things you quite likely should avoid — along your path to optimal health.

Modifying ones diet can be a little scary, or a lot scary, or not scary at all.

Remember though, where there’s a will, you shall find the way..

Your conscious will, to modify eating habits that do not serve your body’s picture of vitality, will be your guide, once you’ve set your intention and focus to seek out only foods that benefit you, and stay on it— you will find this becomes easier each week, day, and decision!

And now, an example and ingredients of a very much, “dead food.” A dead food is one without any benefit to the human body, and at times can even bring distinct, cumulative harm.

“Lord de Pastry,” ‘Nazook.’


Enriched Bleached Special High Gluten Flour -

Enriched Bleached Flour ( Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour) -

Niacin, Iron, -

Thiamine MonoNitrate -

Riboflavin -

Folic Acid -

Sugar -

Butter -

Milk -

Yeast -

Vanillin -

Yellow #5 Food Dye -

I may have just come up with a very useful series to publish for you here….

Who would be interested in a demystification / practical information series on commonly found ingredients which are found in processed foods?? Please leave a comment if you’d be served by this!

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A simple way to enjoy white kidney beans:

This is really easy, and tastes great!
(for the spice lover) -

-1 can or pre-rinsed soaked, etc white kidney beans
-crushed red pepper to taste
-ground clove
-olive oil
-small amount of non-iodized salt

Add all together in whatever amount you want to – keeping in mind the largest constituency of ingredients goes to: tumeric, & cumin. Add everything else, turn on the stove and stop when your mixture reaches desired thickness.


We’re using water with a small amount of olive oil as the sauce, because when the tumeric condenses it will create its own.

If you want this spicy, add the crushed red pepper first, it’ll increase in spice level – during cooking the heat elements will be released from the peppers.


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another way to enjoy quinoa [recipe #2]

Here is something I tried today that I quite enjoyed -

Recipe #2 on the site for Quinoa:

you’ll need:::

- approximately 1 cup rinsed quinoa

- 1 tablespoon olive oil

- small amounts of the following spices to taste:

– allspice

– coriander

– ground clove

– black pepper

- vanilla bean extract


cook as described in previous quinoa recipe,

with the inclusion of the above ingredients instead.


A light dusting of cayanne pepper as you eat is a nice addition if you’re looking for a little added kick!  Remember, quinoa has 9 complete amino acids, among other benefits.  Some useful information on quinoa’s health benefits can be found here::


enjoy !

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Saffron infused curry quinoa

This is a pretty quick and easy one to make, and with all the benefits of quoina. If you are unfamiliar with this amazing grain, please check out the wikipedia article on it in another window.

ETTE (20mins) -estimated time to eat-

-fresh chopped/minced garlic (or garlic salt)
-sea salt
-cayanne pepper
-curry powder
-ground saffron (highest quality you can find, whole is fine- it mashes easily between the thumbs)
-black pepper
-olive oil
-strainer (fine mesh)

1. Pre-rinse the quoina in a fine mesh strainer and shake. Rinse once more, or until water is clear.
2. Drain and put the quoina in a pot, add olive oil and stirr – turning on stove to a light to medium heat.
3. Once the quoina begins to lightly sizzle in the oil, add the black pepper, curry powder, sea salt, saffron and cayanne pepper to your individual taste. Go light on the saffron- it’s a potent seasoning.
4. Stir this all around until its mixed evenly, and add water to about 2 inches above the quoina.
5. When cooking quoina, you need to make sure to continually stir- as it easily sticks to certain surfaces.
6. When 80% or so of the quoina “sprouts” in the pot, you’ll be ready to eat soon.
7. Turn off heat, stir until rest of remaining water is absorbed. I like to let mine sit for a few minutes while I cook other stuff, and come back to it.
8. Enjoy !

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make yourself some kale chips

A thank you goes to Jonas [djjonas] for this recipe. 


To make a healthy snack of Kale chips, all you need are the following:

- kale [as much as you want]

- olive oil / balsamic vinagrette

- the heat of an oven

- kitchen knife

- aluminum foil / cookie sheet


Instructions for preparation:

1. Cut the spines off the Kale, and place on a cookie sheet.  

2. Baste with the olive oil or vinagrette.

3. Bake for 10 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Enjoy!  :)

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