recipe: lemon red pepper grain medley

I came up with this on the fly the other day. I really enjoyed the synergy of flavors, so I’m sharing this with you:

Lemon Red Pepper Grain Medley:: Cook Time:: ETTE (estimated time to eat) 1 hour

- tomato sauce / paste / freshly blended tomato’s

- brown rice

- oat groats or cracked oats [depends how long you feel like boiling]

- split yellow lentils

- 3 to 4 lemons

- crushed red pepper, or whole peppers

- crushed black pepper

1. Start by cooking the brown rice by itself for about half an hour. At this point, feel free to add the oat groats, and bring to a medium heat.
2. Add the crushed red peppers / break up the peppers and add to the dish, along with the tomato sauce (however much you feel the dish needs), and stir regularly to avoid the oats sticking to the bottom of the pot with the rice. If you want more spicy heat – add the peppers earlier in the cooking to release more thoroughly their capsaicin.
3. Add the split yellow lentils, and black pepper and after about 15 minutes, it should have all come together.
4. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your dish, to taste – and ENJOY!

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