About this site:

I am passionate about health, and all its interrelated topics.  The human body and all of its autonomous functions are truly a miracle…  We have hundreds of bits and pieces all working together at all times, without having to ever tell for example, a kidney “process this food,” and so on.  Wow.  That being said, in the interest of furthering health – in your own temple or those of others, I present to you this blog.

I see so much confusion over information regarding health, and so many different sources, that I’d like to slowly work to collect certain things here, I feel should be known, and in time, will have several authors contributing to this site.

This is a work in progress, and I invite you to suggest topics you’d also like to see written about, or sections you’d like to be written about regularly, and I will work on finding people to write them, however I will also be more than glad to speak with you if you’re interested in contributing here or becoming a regular author, publishing at whatever frequency you feel most comfortable with.

You’ll eventually find everything here from recipes, to information on neurolinguistic programming.  

In the meantime, please subscribe via RSS, and watch your reader!